Highland Hops and Vines

Located in Highland Hts., Ohio
On The Corner of Highland Rd & Miner Rd
Phone : 440.683.1338

Voted #1 Wine Shop - Cleveland Hot List
Voted #1 Wine Tasting - Best of the East 2014 & 2015

Highland Hops and Vines Now on YouTube.com

Highland Hops and Vines Now on YouTube.com

General News 🕔May 22, 2015 0 comments

Our shop has created a You Tube channel. We’ll be posting every Friday with info on our weekend tasting and new/ specials items. You’ll also see video reviews of new beers and wines. There will also be special guests that we’ll interview including winemakers and more. If you’d like to see anything else, please let us know.

View Our Channel Here

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